9:37, the night before you shop …

You’re making a list for your trip to the store and all you need are a couple more meal ideas … but your brain is fried (um, fried might work, actually) and your list refuses to write itself.

If only you could harness the power of the internet and your iPad to simply conjure up a menu! Oh, and then easily print a list. And add your own favorites. And rate the meals. And, well you get the idea. A freakin' awesome iPad Meal Planning app is what you need. We know, we want it too, so we are building it now.

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Interested in advertising?

We want to release this app for free, but the only way to support it long-term is if it can make a little money. We are considering placing useful, targeted ads in the app. If you think that iPad Meal Planner would be a good platform to advertise your food, let us know.